• On a consulting basis we will find the right computer, desktop, laptop, or tablet for your business. we specialize in dell, but can contract with any major brand to get you what you want. We will setup, train, and maintain your investment after the purchase.
  • On a consulting basis we will assist you in determining the correct File, print, exchange, and remote servers. Dell is our preferred provider, but we will work with you to find the correct solution for your server needs. we will provide network installation and administration after the purchase.
  • we will help you determine the right Voip phones and systems for your business. we can assist you in small and large purchases. please read more about it in our featured products.
  • Deciding on a paperless document scanning system just got a whole lot easier with our expertise. please read more about it in our featured products.

Featured Products

voip phones and systems

the future is voice over internet protocol, otherwise known as voip, phones and systems. the cost savings of purchasing and installing a voip system will pay for itself within a few short years. The benefit of owning your own VOIP system is the ability to move your system with you. gone are the days where you have to call the phone company just to move a phone from one office to another. the phones are portable, and move when you move. you will now purchase your line directly from the phone carrier with more choices than just the carrier servicing that area. this allows you to customize your phone system to your needs and budget. VOIP systems give you the flexibility to purchase what you need when you need it for local, long distance, and international calls. now you can connect your remote sites with one person answering the phone for all sites combined.

paperless document system

most businesses do not want to mess with the time and personnel requirements needed to switch their paper file system with a more streamlined paperless document imaging system. we can do the initial work for you while you are concentrating on your business. then when you are ready we can get you up to speed quickly so that your investment in a paperless system is maximized. the time saved by not having your key people searching for misplaced files, and for those employees having to actually file the documents means your employees are concentrating their efforts on work that benefits the bottom line. Systems are custom designed to meet the needs from small to large businesses.